The Brand

Prevail Bakehouse is a Micro Bakery founded by us, Maria and Erik Burstiner. We are not from Tennessee, but we came here to share our bread baking experience with the community.

We focus on whole grain, sourdough breads. Our careers in the food-service industry lead us to bread baking in different ways, but we both love the hands on nature of the process, the behind the scene science, and the idea that we are making something healthy and nutritious.

Our bakery is located on our wooded hilly land in Santa Fe, TN. As we build our homestead, the bakery grows with it. We hope to build a facility where we can up our production to sell on a larger scale, but we’re not there yet. For now, you can find our breads at the Columbia Farmer’s Fresh Market and at the 12 South Farmers Market between May and October.

The Bread

organic stone milled flour from Lindley Mills

mixed and shaped by hand

leavened by our sourdough starter

baked in our wood fired oven

The Bakers

I am originally from Illinois. When I started to get into cooking and baking, my Italian father knew I should go to the best school, so I went to Apicius in Firenze, Italia. I learned baking fundamentals and was introduced to sugar sculpture.

After, I moved to Seattle, WA to continue my baking and pastry education at the Art Institute whilst working in restaurants. An instructor introduced me to the sugar work of Stephen Klien. After graduating, I went to Belfort, France. Where I studied under Stephen for 3 months.

I love the artistic aspect of sculpting sugar, however (wo)man cannot live on sugar alone! This lead me to bread, where there are some parallels in the craft. Diving deeper into fermentation and nutrition sparked a new passion.


I am from New Jersey. I became interested in Baking at a young age, helping my mom in the kitchen, and binge watching the food network. I left high school early to go to Johnson and Wales University in RI where I learned everything from how to make bread (my first hands on class) to classic pastries and sugar and chocolate work. After 3 years of a lot of work including a study abroad trip to Italy, I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Baking and Pastry Arts.

After staying on to teach a fundamentals class, I had the opportunity to head out to California to work for Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery, where Maria and I met! Two years in, the Head Baker left and I was promoted to be in charge of the bread department. It was a great experience, but after a year, we decided it was time to move on.

We moved to the San Fransisco Bay area to be more involved with the amazing bread community there. We learned a lot about bread and became more interested in agriculture and making bread more nutritious. That lead us down the path we’re on now!


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