frequent questions and answers

For sliced, bagged loaves, you can get up to 4 days at room temperature. Refrigerating extends the shelf life to over a week, but you may experience faster staling. 

Freezing works great too. Make sure if your loaf is in a perforated bag, wrap it in something more air tight before freezing.

Baguettes are best consumed within 24 hours.

Not at this time. In order to make something truly gluten free, we would need a separate workspace so the wheat flour would not contaminate anything. We are working on a wheat free bread though!

That is not correct. Although the long slow fermentation of sourdough breads does break down more starches and proteins than in commercially leavened bread, there is still gluten present in the final product.

We do our best to make a healthy product that tastes good. Although our breads contain a good amount of carbs, we do not use any added sugars in the doughs. Additionally, the flours we use are high in fiber which means a more steady release of glucose in your body.

Not yet, but we hope to in the future!

We bake on our property in Santa Fe, TN. We are not open to the public.

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